5 Tips to Improve your Instagram Bio

ByJamie Ruden

Instagram has over 2 BILLION users a month. For perspective, the population of the United States is 329.5 MILLION people. So, with that many people visiting Instagram, how can you stand out from the crowd? 

People often forget how valuable the Instagram bio space is and how that can be a great way to engage people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share information about you and your business. 

Below we’ll share 5 ways to improve your Instagram bio, drive more traffic to your website, and gain new followers.


IG bio pic is clear and not cut-off

For individuals/influencers:

Show your face (or your pet’s face). People feel a deeper connection with an account (especially if you’re an influencer or individual trying to grow a brand) when they see your beautiful face.

For products, brands or companies:

Showcase your logo. We recommend not having any words as it is really hard to read and it’s a great opportunity for people to get familiar with your logo.


Share where you’re based (Important for local businesses)

If you’re a business that primarily works in your area. For example, a dog trainer, walker, veterinarian, groomer it’s important to let pet parents know where you’re located. 

I can’t tell you how many times I see a dog walker’s instagram and they don’t list where they serve. It’s disheartening as they’re losing so many potential customers.

This emoji is most common to utilize when sharing your location: ​​📍


Your link in bio

SUPER IMPORTANT. Be sure to include a URL (that’s your web address – i.e. http://be-spotted.com). This is a great way to drive traffic to your website and elevate your SEO. 

Learn more about your link in bio seo under #4.


Your link in bio’s SEO

So, what is SEO? 

The short answer: Search Engine Optimization

The medium answer: A digital marketing strategy that works to place your website higher up in relevant search queries.

The long answer: Check out our website and SEO guru, Josh’s explanation to learn more.

But how is this applicable to your link in bio? Well, there are many ways you can use this space.

  1. You can link your home page URL. Ex. www.be-spotted.com.
  2. You can link a specific page you want to highlight. Ex. www.be-spotted.com/services.
  3. You can use a third-party application like linktree or later.com (later.com is also a great tool to use to schedule out content) to create a landing page that allows you to link to multiple pages/links.
  4. You can create a page on your website that looks similar to the ‘linktree’ pages but earn SEO points. (ex. www.be-spotted.com/ig)

What do I mean by SEO points?

One element of SEO strategy is driving more traffic to your website. If you have a ‘hidden’ page on your website, for example www.be-spotted.com/ig, the moment they click that link you’re getting traffic to your website whether they click a link on that page or not. BOOM, SEO POINTS for you!

Mean Girls Glen Coco GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you decide to go the linktree route you’re losing potential SEO points and giving your traffic to a third party website.

Tonight Show Nbc GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Find & Share on GIPHY


Call to Action (CTA)

Starsky & Hutch

You should always have a call to action in your bio. It may feel pushy but customers need to be directed to something. The last thing you want your customer to do is burn ‘brain calories’. A.K.A making them do any work. 

Here’s an example of a client we helped:


Here you can see we included: 

  • A feature quote by NY Magazine
  • Something they want to bring attention to 
  • Copy directing dog parents to their link in bio to sign up


Many people forget to put careful thought into their Instagram bio. It’s a great opportunity to capture the attention of new customers and share a little bit about you and your business. It’s the first thing they’ll likely read before diving into your grid. So, what do you need to focus on?

  • A clear, bright and easy to recognize Instagram bio picture.

  • Share your location. It doesn’t have to be your address, but at least the city or neighborhood you serve. You don’t want your visitors to have to dig around to figure out where you’re based.

  • Add a link in bio. You want to drive your traffic somewhere and the best thing to do is lead them to your website.

  • Creating a ‘hidden link’ on your website that looks like third party sites like linktree. Here’s ours, we can make one for you too!

  • Point your customers in the right direction with a call to action (CTA). Telling your potential clients where to click actually is making their life easier. So, don’t worry about feeling skeezy, you’re doing a good thing.

Looking for Instagram support? Whether it’s a consultation or seeking an expert to manage your page – we can help. Click here to book a free mini consultation with Jamie Ruden, founder and marketing expert of Be Spotted.

By: Jamie Ruden