5 Ways for your Pet Products Online Presence to Stand Out

ByJamie Ruden

Pet entrepreneurs have a super power. (yes, we’re talking to you!) You have this amazing ability to see problems that dogs, cats and pet parents face and actually take action to solve the problem.

Whether it be a more comfortable harness, healthier treats, pet furniture, delicious catnip or matching pet and human outfits, the ideas always impress us at Be Spotted. With this overwhelming amount of love we all have for our pets and the hundreds of products coming out. How can your business possibly compete? 

You may be asking yourself?

  • Do I need a big budget like brands like Wild One who likely spend tens of thousands every month on google ads? 
  • Or can I make it work without investing in google ads. The answer, yes! 

Below are some introductory tips we provide our clients to help pet brands and products stand out. 


Update your Instagram Aesthetic

We’re talking about everything from your bio to highlights – but most importantly we’re talking about your aesthetic! To the right you’ll see an ‘after’ picture transformation we did to elevate a pet store’s instagram grid. 

Below you’ll see what their presence looked like before we stepped in.

before and after picture on instagram

Let us know, which store would you prefer to shop at for your dog?


Showcase testimonials and what makes your product different

Pet products are even more difficult than a lot of other industries as our dogs and cats can’t advocate for what they really want. Pet parents spend a good amount of time researching prior to purchasing.

Let us ask you this…

Would you blindly buy a dog treat or cat litter without a recommendation or seeing others experience a product? 

The answer: Probably not

That’s why samples for pet parents are so successful! But that is a problem in our ever-growing digital world. So what’s the solution? 

Ask your current customers for testimonials, pictures, videos of their pet enjoying your product, ask them to share key points why they love your product over competitors. 

The biggest perk:

Not only does this showcase your product in a good light, it provides a security blanket of trust. They don’t have to trial and error your product, someone has done that for them and can feel confident when purchasing your amazing treat, food, clothing, create, collar or whatever it may be!


Engage with real customers

Answer their questions, showcase their pet on your website or Instagram (people love seeing their pet featured), offer to send free products in exchange for a review and/or reel on Instagram. People love free things and are more likely to try something new when provided as a gift versus spending $20+ on something they’re not so sure about. 

Similarly to point number two, this adds another layer of trust which is so key in this industry. 

Oh, and let’s not forget the magic that comes when you get feedback from customers that use your product, you make the change and they feel like they’re a part of your business. BOOM, you just got a loyal ambassador telling their friends all about your products.


Make a website that you’re proud of

Are you excited to show people your website? Is it user-friendly? Does it align well with your brand and products? Do people ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ when they see it? Do you have a good amount of traffic pouring in?

A reason you may not being seeing many clicks, purchases or high traffic is due to the quality of your website. We have noticed a trend in the pet space that websites are a little behind the times. And THAT’S OKAY! That’s why we’re here to help make your business sparkle as bright as the products you’re bringing into the world. 

By better understanding your customers needs and perspective, you’ll also build a better site for them. 

You can learn more about our design and website services here.


Write engaging blogs

This one is a time consuming task, but writing content is KEY to help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Quick digital marketing lesson: What is SEO? The short answer…

Organically raising your business to the top of the ranks in google search results. 

Now, that’s not to say the minute you start writing blogs, people will be flocking to your website. (How we wish it was this simple.) An SEO strategy takes hours of research to identify the best key terms for your space, topic and product. Plus, not all keywords are created equal. However, once you have a well defined content strategy, it will increase your chances of being discovered under the most appropriate search queries. Woo!

This is a long game. It is a time consuming task, but will pay off in the end. 

But what about Google Ads? That’ll get me straight to the top.

You’re right, but there’s a BIG catch.

Google ads are popular because it lets people cut to the front of the line without having to do the work. However, customers shopping are smart and don’t want to be ‘sold’ to. They want to learn, connect and identify with a brand. By building out content that gets consumers excited instead of popping up at the top all the time in the ad space (annoying!) they’re more likely to share your business with friends (word of mouth) and you’ll save thousands a month. Yes, thousands a month!

Not sure where to start with SEO, blog writing, website design, Instagram or any of this digital marketing stuff. We got you! Click here to book a free 15 minute consultation with our team and we’ll craft a custom proposal just for you!


Standing out in the crowd is difficult, but if there’s a will – there’s a way! Below find our 5 key tips to get your pet products seen online or on instagram.

  1. Update your IG aesthetic

Unfortunately in the digital world, having a pretty IG matters.

Think about the world of online dating… you always post your most flattering pictures, witty captions – why should this be different for your business? 

  1. Showcase testimonials

Talk to your customers. If you’re a young business, these are your big time advocates. They believed in you early on. Feature them, show the value your product has brought to their life. 

  1. Engage with real customers

People like knowing there’s a person behind a brand. Ask them questions, what did they like, what didn’t they like, and get quotes. This is the best way to improve your business by hearing it straight from the source. 

Bonus: People love talking, providing feedback and if you enact their advice you will have created a forever ambassador.

  1. Make a website you’re proud of

Similar to number one, you want to show off your products in the best way possible. Today, you don’t just have to worry about your brick and mortar shop, you have a digital storefront. Make sure it matches your mission, vibe, aesthetic, because if it doesn’t, you are losing customers everyday. 

  1. Write engaging blogs

As they say, content is king. For non-SEO nerds, we’re talking about blogs for SEO purposes. This is one of the many strategies involved in getting your website ranked higher ORGANICALLY on google. You’ll need to do research on the best keywords for your business and have a strategy to get to the top for a particular search query. But don’t worry, we can help with that and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Interested in learning more about Be Spotted’s pet marketing services? Click here to book a free 15 minute consultation and we’ll transform your business that will make your competitors weep of jealousy.

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By: Jamie Ruden