7 Ways to Enhance your Veterinary Clinic’s Online Presence

ByJamie Ruden

As a Veterinarian in a post-COVID world, your practice likely feels busier than ever. But that doesn’t mean new practices aren’t going to be popping up hoping to take your business. 

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In a world that is ever growing in the digital space, pet marketing and building your online presence is key to standing out from the pack.

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Refresh your Instagram bio

Many people don’t realize that your Instagram bio is your first impression to new potential clients. Writing engaging content and adding a CTA (Call to Action – marketing lingo!) will help drive more traffic to your website/business. Be sure to use all 150 characters!

For more tips on how to enhance your Instagram bio, we have another blog dedicated to just that. Check it out here.


Update your website with pictures of you and your clients


Pet parents love seeing their dogs or cats featured on other websites. Whether that be in your hallway or you can get creative by using polaroids in a dog cafe. Instead of using stock photos (which aren’t that great and lots of other practices use the same ones) ask your clients to submit their favorite photos and add it to your website. BONUS TIP! You can ask as part of the submission for a testimonial. Win-win!


Guest post on relevant blogs

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to being discovered when pet parents are googling to find the right vet for their pet. But how do you work your way to the top? 

One of the best ways for google to know you’re a trusted and well-respected website is to get your name (and website) out there! What are some ways you can do this? 

Guest post on other relevant websites in your industry and local area.


Host an IG live with another pet business

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Collaboration is one of the best ways to gain exposure and become a ‘go-to’ in the Veterinary space. As an added perk, this will result in referrals. 

Who should you collaborate with? Host an IG live with another pet business. Maybe it’s a pet supplement company or a business that creates thunder jackets for dogs to alleviate stress and anxiety. Whatever it may be, you’ll both benefit by having access to one another’s audience. BONUS! It’s content that you can repurpose and get additional value from.



Add Testimonials on your website and IG

Are you tracking all the compliments you and your practice receive? If not, START NOW and get it in writing. With the permission of your clients, this is a great way to showcase to potential clients how amazing you are. As mentioned in tip #2, when receiving a testimonial, be sure to ask for pictures and their permission to repost on your website and/or social media.


Write articles on LinkedIn


Pet parents have various checklists of what they are looking for in a vet. Are they close by? Are they expensive? Will I have to wait 3 weeks to get an appointment? But they’re also seeking a vet that is competent, well-spoken and knowledgeable. How can you showcase your expertise before your patient walks through the door? Blog content! (just like this one).

You can write articles on LinkedIn that fellow veterinary professionals can comment on and if they’re in need of a veterinarian like you – will remember the fantastic article you wrote about the importance of dental hygiene (or whatever your favorite topic may be.)



Repurpose the content you write on LinkedIn on your website

Why double the work? If you publish a post on LinkedIn, copy and paste it on your website. Now, as a rule of SEO – they’re not a big fan of copy and pasting as they don’t know if you’re plagiarizing. We recommend tweaking the copy and title to ensure that isn’t an issue. But this shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes to complete and this will help your SEO immensely.


The world is only getting more digital. To stay competitive, it’s important to stay up to date with your website imagery, content, instagram, SEO (search engine optimization) and pet marketing. Your online presence is now just as important as your in-person presence. Think about the ways younger generations (millenials and gen z) are sourcing their information, be spotted where they’re spending their time.

While your practice offers amazing pet services, think about partnering with pet food or pet products (i.e. apparel or toys) to improve your online presence and social media. This can only help your business thrive. 

If you utilize the marketing strategy outlined above, you will see results via google search rankings and more engagement from your target audience. 

Disclaimer: The above items are time consuming. You will need to dedicate sufficient time to execute all tasks successfully.

Seeking help for your website or instagram? Contact the Be Spotted team here, to set up a free consultation to ensure we’re the right fit for your business.

By: Jamie Ruden