Our Process:
Attract Your Dream Dog Parent Customer

Be Spotted’s ‘Be The Go-To Method’ is a 90 day small group coaching program designed for your dog business to become the go-to in your space.


Identifying your Ideal Client

1. Identifying your Ideal Client

By positioning yourself that you serve EVERYONE, you’re making your life more difficult as you’re competing with hundreds of generalists. If you pick your niche, let’s say “you’re a dog trainer and you like working with rescue dogs that are scared to walk on city streets and enjoy building their confidence.” We then would position you as the City Dog Confidence Trainer. By highlighting your speciality, people seeking this problem will flock to you. Versus, saying ‘I’ll train your dog so they will be happier’

What we will do together:
We will find not only your niche, but better understand how your idea client wants to be helped.


Your Brand Personality

2. Your Brand Personality

It may be hard to picture it, but you ‘Solopreneur Pet Service Provider’ have a REAL business. With that comes a lot of responsibility. You need to view your business as more than just a transaction, but a brand people can align and identify with.

What we will do together:
Tell your brand’s story while positioning your dream client as the hero of said story. Using storytelling in your content, website, and offering – makes it easier for people to add you to their narrative to solve their key problems.


Crafting your Unique Offer and Content

3. Crafting your Unique Offer and Content

What makes your business different from your competitors? Why should they hire you over the other service providers in your neighborhood?

By clearly stating what makes your business unique and communicating these values through your website and/or Instagram content will unlock growth you didn’t know existed.

What we will do together:
Define your unique offer, why you’re different, create content ideas and strategies from our learnings of speaking to your favorite clients to continue to connect and attract these types of pet parents.


Messaging and Content Guidelines

4. Messaging and Content Guidelines

After completing Stages 1-3, your customer, brand and offering will be different than when you first started. Your visuals will need to reflect your new brand.

What we will do together:
We will create an overview guideline of what the style and voice should look like. Once you complete all 5 steps, we will recommend a visual refresh to align with your new messaging as first impressions are critical!


Attract your Dream Clients and Grow a Business you Love

5. Attract your Dream Clients and Grow a Business you Love

You’ve made it to the last stage! At this final stage, you will have the deliverables delivered (no pun intended) and a call to review all items to ensure you’re ready to launch your new offering and become the go-to that ATTRACTS YOUR DREAM CLIENTS!

The Result: A well-balanced business that makes more money and attracts the right pet parents to your business.


No, you can still work on your current business but we advise you to be open to begin the transformation during the program.

We are focused on pet businesses only. We typically work exclusively with solopreneurs who are interested in putting in the time and work. If you have a team, you can still apply but we find solopreneurs are most committed leading to higher results.

Click here for a 30 minute discovery call and you will chat with Jamie Ruden, founder of Be Spotted to see if this is the right fit for you.